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Temporary specialists for consistently high quality.

Our temporary specialists support you and deliver consistently great quality in the electrical engineering, construction electrical systems, plant engineering and gas and water and heating/plumbing trades.

Our trades

Electrical equipment & electrical engineering

Installation, pipe-laying work and final assembly

Construction electrical systems and installation technology

Control cabinets to communication systems

Gas and Water

Installation, maintenance, and upkeep 

Heating & Plumbing

Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance

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Our team is made up of dedicated employees from the whole of Europe and works on construction sites in Germany for established German companies.

Together, we support our customers by providing them with suitable specialists, journeymen, and assistants.

Speak to us and join our team! Have a look at the vacancies on our job site and learn about our services for employees.

You can expect fair pay, a secure workplace, and great colleagues.

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Your contact

Thorsten Apelt

Managing Partner

Thorsten Apelt founded the company and, together with his team, has developed it into a reliable personnel service provider over the last 15 years. He is the contact for customers and partners.


Phone +49 (0) 721 560 47 650

Zsofia Santa

HR Manager

Zsofia Santa is the contact and coordinator for our employees.


Phone +49 (0) 721 560 47 658

Benefit from our many years of experience

Our personnel company has been in business since 2005 and we support our customers in the construction industry with various trades.

Our specialists can reliably support you in electronics, electrical engineering, construction electrical systems, installation technology, gas, and water as well as heating and plumbing trades.

We support you with reliable workers so that you can expand your capacity and meet your delivery deadlines.

You can flexibly adapt your staff level to the amount of orders and successfully clear bottlenecks.

Good customer relations and long-term employment relationships are particularly important to us.

We recruit the best specialists in Europe to our attractive workplaces.

Respectful behavior and fair cooperation are important to us.

Over 15 years of experience

More than 90 satisfied clients

Frequently asked questions about temporary employment

Personnel placement, personnel leasing, and temporary employment: there is a great deal of information available on the topic and people’s experiences vary. We answer the most important questions here.

Please contact us directly if you still have questions.

What is temporary employment?

Temporary employment means stepping in as an employee of a personnel service provider (leasing company) at its customer companies (borrowing company). The need for staff in the customer company is usually for a specific period (for example, due to many staff being on sick leave), which is where the name temporary employment comes from.

Is temporary employment always for a limited period?

Not at all! You are usually employed by the personnel service provider on a regular basis and often receive a new assignment after a particular one has ended. You are therefore properly employed and it is only the customer company at which you are active which changes.

Who is my employer?

Temporary employees are usually employed on a regular basis. The one particularly is that they are not employed by the customer company that they work at. The employment contract is with the responsible personnel service provider, which is therefore the employer.

What is the difference between employment agencies and personnel leasing/temporary work?

While employment agencies aim to find employees permanent positions in a company, temporary employees complete several deployments of limited periods of time. But these deployments can often also lead to transfer to the customer company.

Do I have social insurance as a temporary employee?

As for all employees, temporary employees are registered with social insurance providers and all contributions are paid. Holiday entitlements, continued wage payments when ill, etc., all apply as in other sectors.

What does a temporary worker earn?

There are collective agreements for temporary employment which guarantee fair payment. Supplements may also apply depending on the sector.

How long does deployment at the customer last?

This completely depends on the customer and its requirements. A period of work may be for a few days but also for several weeks or months. It depends on whether a short substitution is required or whether there are long-term project-related staff requirements.

Will I still receive my wages in periods in which I am not deployed?

If you do not work at a customer company, then, of course, you are still paid. At many personnel service providers, these periods without deployment are covered by a working time account.

Which qualifications do I need?

Except for being very committed, reliable and showing a certain amount of flexibility, there are usually no restrictions on temporary work. We find the right job for you depending on your abilities and qualifications. Temporary employment offers everyone a fair chance at a job.

Is temporary work only something for low-skilled workers?

No, highly qualified employees are also part of the temporary work sector. IT specialists or engineers also work for personnel service providers, for example.

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